What Types of Things Can You Sell On Etsy?

Exploring the Wonderful World of Etsy: A Treasure Trove of Unique Finds  -  See 60 Types of products  - and we are barely scratching the surface!


Hey there, fellow curious minds, online shoppers and handmade creators! Today, we're diving into the enchanting realm of Etsy, where creativity knows no bounds and unique treasures await around every virtual corner. If you've ever wondered what wonders Etsy has to offer beyond the typical mainstream e-commerce sites, buckle up, because we're about to embark on a delightful journey through the myriad of products you can find,  and more importantly to readers of this blog – to SELL  on this platform.


  1. Handmade Jewelry:

Let's start with the sparkle and shine of handmade jewelry. Etsy boasts an impressive collection of handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, all crafted with love and passion by talented artisans. From dainty minimalist pieces to intricate wire-wrapped gemstone jewelry, you can find something to suit every style and budget.


Example: "Sunflower Dreams" - A delicate gold-filled necklace adorned with a tiny sunflower pendant, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday look.


  1. Personalized Gifts:

Etsy is a paradise for those seeking meaningful, personalized gifts. Whether it's custom-made name necklaces, monogrammed leather goods, or engraved wooden keepsakes, these unique presents are sure to make your loved ones feel extra special.


Example: "Custom Engraved Cutting Board" - A high-quality bamboo cutting board etched with a heartfelt message, making it the ideal gift for weddings or housewarmings.


  1. Handmade Home Decor:

Looking to give your living space a touch of individuality? Etsy's got your back with a vast array of handmade home decor items. Think hand-painted wall art, quirky throw pillows, and beautifully crafted ceramic vases.


Example: "Watercolor Landscape Print" - A mesmerizing watercolor painting of a serene mountain landscape, guaranteed to bring tranquility to any room.


  1. Vintage Treasures:

Etsy is a treasure trove for vintage enthusiasts. From retro fashion finds to rare collectibles, you can stumble upon unique pieces with a history worth cherishing.


Example: "Mid-Century Modern Ceramic Vase" - An exquisite ceramic vase from the 1950s, featuring a bold geometric design that adds a touch of retro elegance to any space.


  1. Handmade Clothing:

If you're tired of the mass-produced fashion industry and want to embrace clothing with a personal touch, Etsy's handmade clothing section is a dream come true. Discover hand-sewn dresses, knitted scarves, and tailored shirts that showcase the skills of talented designers.


Example: "Bohemian Floral Maxi Dress" - A flowing, boho-inspired maxi dress adorned with a vibrant floral pattern, perfect for summer strolls or beachside picnics.


  1. Craft Supplies:

Etsy isn't just a marketplace for finished products; it's also a haven for DIY enthusiasts and artisans in need of high-quality craft supplies. Unleash your creativity with an abundance of fabrics, beads, yarns, and everything else you need to bring your crafting visions to life.


Example: "Assorted Vintage Buttons" - A delightful collection of vintage buttons in various colors and styles, ideal for adding a nostalgic touch to your sewing projects.


  1. Handmade Toys and Games:

In a world dominated by mass-produced toys, Etsy's handmade toys and games offer a refreshing alternative. Discover beautifully crafted wooden puzzles, hand-knitted plushies, and interactive games that will delight both kids and the young at heart.


Example: "Wooden  Rainbow Stacker" - A vibrant wooden stacking toy designed to stimulate children's imagination and motor skills.


  1. Natural Beauty Products:

For those who prefer natural and eco-friendly beauty products, Etsy's collection of handmade cosmetics and skincare items is sure to please. From organic soaps to soothing essential oil blends, you'll find products that nourish both your skin and soul.


Example: "Lavender and Chamomile Bath Bombs" - Luxurious bath bombs made with all-natural ingredients, creating a relaxing and aromatic bathing experience.


  1. Custom Pet Accessories:

Your furry friends deserve a touch of personalization too! Etsy offers an array of custom pet accessories, including personalized pet tags, hand-sewn pet beds, and stylish bandanas.


Example: "Custom Embroidered Dog Collar" - A durable nylon dog collar with your pet's name beautifully embroidered, ensuring they step out in style.


  1. Digital Downloads:

Not everything on Etsy is physical; the platform is home to an impressive selection of digital downloads as well. From printable art and planner inserts to digital embroidery patterns, these items are a boon for those who prefer instant access to their purchases.


Example: "Botanical Printable Wall Art" - A set of downloadable watercolor prints featuring beautiful botanical illustrations, perfect for sprucing up your living space.



  1. Art Prints:

Let's begin with the mesmerizing world of art prints. Etsy showcases an extensive collection of prints, ranging from contemporary watercolors to striking digital illustrations, offering a simple and affordable way to bring beauty to your walls.


Example: "Starry Night Sky Print" - A breathtaking print capturing the ethereal beauty of a starry night sky, perfect for astronomy enthusiasts and dreamers alike.


  1. Handmade Pottery:

Etsy is a haven for pottery enthusiasts, where skilled artisans mold clay into stunning creations. From rustic mugs to elegant vases, these handcrafted pieces exude warmth and charm.


Example: "Soothing Lavender Ceramic Tea Set" - A delightful tea set featuring delicate lavender motifs, bringing a touch of tranquillity to your tea time.


  1. Vintage Clothing:

Vintage lovers rejoice! Etsy's curated vintage clothing section offers an array of unique fashion pieces spanning various eras, allowing you to express your individuality through timeless styles.


Example: "1950s Polka Dot Swing Dress" - A playful polka dot dress that channels the spirit of retro fashion, ideal for twirling and dancing the night away.


  1. Handmade Candles:

Indulge in the soft glow and alluring scents of handmade candles. Etsy's candlemakers craft a wide variety of soy-based, beeswax, and scented candles that add ambiance to any space.


Example: "Eucalyptus and Mint Soy Candle" - A refreshing and invigorating candle infused with the rejuvenating aroma of eucalyptus and mint.


  1. Custom Stationery:

Etsy's talented stationers offer custom-made stationery that makes every correspondence a joy. From personalized notepads to bespoke greeting cards, these items add a personal touch to your communication.


Example: "Botanical Personalized Stationery Set" - A charming set of stationery adorned with delicate botanical illustrations and your name elegantly printed at the top.


  1. Handmade Leather Goods:

If you appreciate the durability and craftsmanship of leather, Etsy's collection of handmade leather goods will leave you spellbound. Discover hand-stitched wallets, belts, and bags that age gracefully with time.


Example: "Classic Leather Satchel" - A timeless leather satchel that effortlessly blends style and functionality, making it an essential companion for any adventure.


  1. Vintage Home Decor:

Elevate your home's charm with vintage-inspired decor. Etsy's vintage home section offers everything from retro lamps to mid-century modern furniture, transforming your living space into a time capsule of style.


Example: "Retro Record Player Stand" - A sleek record player stand reminiscent of the swinging '60s, perfect for displaying your vintage vinyl collection.


  1. Handmade Bath and Body Products:

Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience with handmade bath and body products from Etsy. From artisanal soaps to nourishing body scrubs, these products are a pampering delight.


Example: "Rose and Shea Butter Bath Bombs" - Luxurious bath bombs enriched with the essence of roses and shea butter, creating a blissful bathing ritual.


  1. Custom Digital Art:

Bring your imagination to life with custom digital art. Etsy's talented digital artists can create personalized illustrations, character designs, and even custom emojis tailored to your liking.


Example: "Fantasy Character Digital Art" - A mesmerizing digital illustration featuring your original fantasy character brought to life through the artist's digital brushstrokes.


  1. Handmade Pet Toys:

Don't forget your four-legged companions! Etsy offers a delightful range of handmade pet toys, from catnip-filled plushies to interactive dog puzzles.


Example: "Organic Catnip Cactus Toy" - A whimsical cactus-shaped cat toy filled with organic catnip to keep your feline friend entertained for hours.


  1. Vintage Jewelry:

Embrace the elegance of yesteryears with vintage jewelry pieces. Etsy's vintage jewelers curate a selection of timeless necklaces, brooches, and earrings that add a touch of history to your style.


Example: "Art Deco Pearl Drop Earrings" - Exquisite Art Deco-inspired earrings featuring lustrous pearls and intricate metalwork, evoking the glamour of the Roaring Twenties.


  1. Handmade Wooden Toys:

For those seeking sustainable and heirloom-quality toys, Etsy's handmade wooden toys are a delight. From wooden puzzles to hand-carved figurines, these toys inspire imaginative play.


Example: "Wooden Safari Animal Set" - A charming set of hand-painted wooden safari animals, encouraging storytelling and exploration.


  1. Custom Digital Invitations:

Step up your event planning with custom digital invitations. Etsy's graphic designers can create unique digital invites for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions.


Example: "Watercolor Floral Wedding Invitation" - A romantic wedding invitation featuring delicate watercolor florals, setting the perfect tone for your big day.


  1. Handmade Scented Soaps:

Elevate your bathing routine with handmade scented soaps. Etsy's soapmakers craft artisanal bars infused with natural ingredients and delightful fragrances.


Example: "Lavender and Oatmeal Handmade Soap" - A soothing soap bar enriched with the calming aroma of lavender and exfoliating oatmeal.


  1. Vintage Art and Illustrations:

Art connoisseurs and vintage art lovers will find a treasure trove of vintage illustrations and prints on Etsy. Discover forgotten masterpieces that bring history and culture into your home.


Example: "Vintage Botanical Illustration Print" - A meticulously reproduced print of a vintage botanical illustration, capturing the beauty of flora from centuries past.


  1. Handmade Embroidery Art:

Celebrate the art of needlework with handmade embroidery art. Etsy's embroidery artists create stunning hoops and wall hangings that showcase intricate stitching and artistic flair.


Example: "Modern Embroidery Hoop Art" - A contemporary embroidery hoop featuring a minimalist design that adds a touch of elegance to your decor.


  1. Vintage Accessories:

Etsy's vintage accessories section is a treasure chest for those seeking unique add-ons to their outfits. From retro sunglasses to ornate brooches, these pieces add flair and personality.


Example: "Vintage Silk Scarf" - A luxurious silk scarf adorned with a vintage-inspired pattern, perfect for elevating any ensemble.


  1. Handmade Natural Skincare:

Pamper your skin with handmade natural skincare products. Etsy's skincare artisans craft nourishing creams, serums, and masks with ingredients straight from Mother Nature.


Example: "Green Tea and Aloe Vera Face Mask" - A rejuvenating face mask infused with the goodness of green tea and aloe vera, giving your skin a healthy glow.


  1. Custom Name Art:

Make your mark with custom name art. Etsy's artists create personalized name illustrations and calligraphy pieces, turning your name into a work of art.


Example: "Watercolor Name Calligraphy" - A stunning watercolor calligraphy art piece showcasing your name in an array of vibrant colors and elegant strokes, making it a perfect statement piece for your living room or bedroom.


  1. Handmade Knitwear:

Embrace the cozy comfort of handmade knitwear from Etsy's talented knitting artists. From soft scarves to chunky sweaters, these pieces are perfect companions for chilly days.


Example: "Chunky Cable Knit Blanket" - A sumptuous cable-knit blanket that wraps you in warmth and style, adding a touch of hygge to your home.


  1. Vintage Books:

Bookworms, rejoice! Etsy's vintage books section is a treasure trove for bibliophiles seeking rare and collectible editions, literary classics, and charming vintage book covers.


Example: "Antique Leather-Bound Classic" - A beautifully preserved leather-bound copy of a timeless classic, transporting you to a bygone era of reading pleasure.


  1. Handmade Macrame Decor:

Add a touch of bohemian flair to your home with handmade macrame decor. Etsy's macrame artisans create intricate wall hangings and plant hangers that exude natural beauty.


Example: "Boho Macrame Plant Hanger" - A stunning plant hanger crafted with macrame knots, giving your indoor plants an artful perch.


  1. Vintage Vinyl Records:

Music enthusiasts and vinyl collectors will find a treasure trove of vintage records on Etsy. Discover rare albums, vintage soundtracks, and nostalgic classics.


Example: "Iconic Rock Vinyl Record" - An original pressing of an iconic rock album that takes you on a musical journey back in time.


  1. Handmade Wooden Home Accessories:

Elevate your living space with the charm of handmade wooden accessories. Etsy's artisans craft wooden wall shelves, photo frames, and decorative accents that add natural warmth to your decor.


Example: "Geometric Wooden Shelf Set" - A set of modern geometric wooden shelves that provide both functionality and artistic flair to your walls.


  1. Custom Jewelry Design:

For those seeking truly unique pieces, Etsy's custom jewelry designers bring your dream jewelry to life. From engagement rings to statement necklaces, these artisans create personalized works of art.


Example: "Gemstone Birthstone Ring" - A custom-designed birthstone ring featuring your birthstone and initials, making it a cherished keepsake.


  1. Handmade Pet Accessories:

Your furry companions deserve a touch of style too! Etsy offers a range of handmade pet accessories, from hand-knitted pet sweaters to stylish bandanas.


Example: "Crocheted Cat Cave" - A cozy cat cave handcrafted with soft yarn, providing your feline friend a perfect spot for rest and play.


  1. Vintage Home Appliances:

Step back in time with vintage home appliances. Etsy's vintage collectors offer a curated selection of retro kitchen gadgets and decor pieces that add nostalgia to your culinary adventures.


Example: "Retro Toaster" - A vintage-inspired toaster with a charming design that combines functionality with a touch of retro flair.


  1. Handmade Natural Perfumes:

Indulge your senses with handmade natural perfumes. Etsy's perfumers concoct scents inspired by nature, free from synthetic chemicals.


Example: "Citrus Blossom Perfume Oil" - A captivating perfume oil infused with the essence of blooming citrus blossoms, reminiscent of a sunny orchard.


  1. Custom Watercolor Portraits:

Capture cherished memories with custom watercolor portraits. Etsy's watercolor artists create personalized portraits of loved ones and pets, preserving cherished moments in a unique artistic medium.


Example: "Family Watercolor Portrait" - A heartwarming watercolor portrait depicting your family's special bond and love for one another.


  1. Handmade Pet Collars and Leashes:

Etsy's pet accessory makers offer a wide range of handcrafted collars and leashes for your furry companions. Choose from stylish patterns and durable materials to suit your pet's personality.


Example: "Handwoven Dog Collar" - A handwoven dog collar made with vibrant threads, adding a pop of color to your canine friend's ensemble.


Whew! We've only scratched the surface of the vast and diverse offerings on Etsy. This creative marketplace never ceases to amaze with its abundance of unique treasures, lovingly crafted by talented artisans and vintage collectors from around the world.


So, whether you're looking for a personalized gift, vintage treasure, or a handmade masterpiece to cherish, Etsy is your go-to destination. With every purchase, you support independent artists and creatives, fostering a community of innovation and passion.


Remember, the magic of Etsy lies not just in the products but also in the stories of the creators behind them.

Next - Let's delve into the world of print on demand products available on Etsy. These products allow talented artists and designers to create their unique designs, which are then printed on a variety of items. This approach ensures that every item is crafted with care and creativity, making them perfect for those seeking personalized and distinctive pieces.


  1. Print on Demand T-shirts:

Express your individuality with custom-designed T-shirts. Etsy's print on demand T-shirt sellers offer a vast array of designs, from quirky illustrations to inspirational quotes.


Example: "Adventure Awaits Mountain Tee" - A nature-inspired T-shirt featuring a stunning mountain illustration and a motivational message that urges you to embrace adventure.


  1. Print on Demand Mugs:

Elevate your coffee break with personalized mugs. Etsy's print on demand mugs come in various sizes and styles, adorned with designs ranging from cute animals to witty puns.


Example: "Personalized Initials Coffee Mug" - A sleek coffee mug with your initials stylishly printed, making it your go-to morning companion.


  1. Print on Demand Phone Cases:

Protect your phone in style with custom phone cases. Etsy's print on demand phone case designers offer an array of eye-catching designs for various smartphone models.


Example: "Watercolor Floral iPhone Case" - A captivating iPhone case featuring a vibrant watercolor floral design, adding a touch of artistry to your device.


  1. Print on Demand Art Prints:

Discover unique art prints designed by talented artists. Etsy's print on demand art prints boast a vast selection of styles and themes, perfect for decorating your living space with personal flair.


Example: "Abstract Geometric Wall Print" - A striking abstract art print featuring bold geometric patterns, transforming any blank wall into an artistic masterpiece.


  1. Print on Demand Tote Bags:

Ditch single-use bags and embrace eco-friendly tote bags. Etsy's print on demand tote bags are not only practical but also stylish, featuring designs that range from cute illustrations to empowering messages.


Example: "Botanical Illustrated Tote Bag" - A charming tote bag adorned with delicate botanical illustrations, ideal for carrying your essentials in eco-conscious fashion.


  1. Print on Demand Posters:

Elevate your room's decor with print on demand posters. Etsy offers an extensive collection of posters, featuring everything from inspirational quotes to stunning landscapes.


Example: "Vintage Travel Postcard Poster" - A vintage-style poster showcasing a series of travel postcards, igniting wanderlust and nostalgia.


  1. Print on Demand Stickers:

Add some fun and personality to your belongings with print on demand stickers. Etsy's sticker designers offer an array of designs, making them perfect for customizing your laptop, water bottle, or notebooks.


Example: "Botanical Garden Sticker Set" - A delightful sticker set featuring a variety of colorful botanical illustrations, perfect for bringing the beauty of nature wherever you go.


  1. Print on Demand Hoodies:

Stay cozy and stylish with custom-printed hoodies. Etsy's print on demand hoodies come in various designs, from artistic patterns to fandom-inspired graphics.


Example: "Galaxy Nebula Hoodie" - A mesmerizing hoodie featuring a stunning nebula design, making you feel like you're wrapped in the beauty of the cosmos.


  1. Print on Demand Throw Pillows:

Enhance your home's comfort with custom-printed throw pillows. Etsy's print on demand throw pillows showcase a plethora of designs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your decor.


Example: "Watercolor Floral Throw Pillow" - A soft and elegant throw pillow adorned with a delicate watercolor floral pattern, adding a touch of natural beauty to your couch or bed.


  1. Print on Demand Wall Decals:

Transform your walls without the commitment of paint or wallpaper. Etsy's print on demand wall decals offer removable designs that suit various styles and themes.


Example: "Dreamy Constellation Wall Decal" - A captivating wall decal featuring a celestial constellation design, bringing the magic of the night sky to your room.


  1. Print on Demand Face Masks:

Stay safe in style with custom-designed face masks. Etsy's print on demand face masks feature unique patterns and illustrations, adding a touch of personality to your protective gear.


Example: "Floral Bloom Face Mask" - A beautifully designed face mask adorned with vibrant floral blooms, bringing a burst of color to your daily attire.


  1. Print on Demand Notebooks:

Jot down your thoughts and dreams in custom-designed notebooks. Etsy's print on demand notebooks come in various sizes and designs, making them perfect for journaling or taking notes in style.


Example: "Botanical Illustrated Notebook" - A lovely notebook featuring intricate botanical illustrations on the cover, inspiring creativity with every page.


  1. Print on Demand Aprons:

Cook with flair using custom-printed aprons. Etsy's print on demand aprons showcase fun designs and witty phrases, making your time in the kitchen all the more enjoyable.


Example: "Kitchen Master Chef Apron" - An apron adorned with a playful chef-inspired design, celebrating your culinary skills with humor.


  1. Print on Demand Canvas Prints:

Transform your living space with custom-printed canvas prints. Etsy's print on demand canvas prints offer a gallery-worthy selection of art and photography, elevating your home decor.


Example: "Abstract Landscape Canvas Print" - A captivating canvas print featuring an abstract landscape, adding a touch of sophistication to your walls.


  1. Print on Demand Water Bottles:

Stay hydrated in style with custom-printed water bottles. Etsy's print on demand water bottles come in various sizes and designs, making them perfect companions for daily activities.


Example: "Botanical Personalized Water Bottle" - A sleek and durable water bottle adorned with your name and a delicate botanical illustration.


  1. Print on Demand Laptop Sleeves:

Protect your laptop with custom-printed laptop sleeves. Etsy's print on demand laptop sleeves offer stylish designs that safeguard your device while reflecting your personality.


Example: "Boho Dreamcatcher Laptop Sleeve" - A bohemian-inspired laptop sleeve featuring a dreamcatcher design, adding a touch of wanderlust to your tech accessories.


  1. Print on Demand Baby Onesies:

Dress your little one in adorable and unique onesies. Etsy's print on demand baby onesies showcase cute illustrations and clever messages, making your baby's outfit stand out.


Example: "Wild & Free Baby Bodysuit" - A charming baby bodysuit  with a whimsical "Wild & Free" message, celebrating the adventurous spirit of your little explorer.


  1. Print on Demand Magnets:

Decorate your fridge with custom-printed magnets. Etsy's print on demand magnets offer an array of designs, perfect for showcasing your favorite memories and interests.


Example: "Travel Adventure Magnet Set" - A set of magnets featuring various travel-inspired illustrations, adding a touch of wanderlust to your kitchen.


  1. Print on Demand Tote Bags:

Combine style and humor with custom-printed tote bags. Etsy's print on demand tote bags offer a versatile and fashionable carry solution or a great gift.


Example: "Geometric  Tote Bag" - A modern and functional tote bag featuring a geometric pattern and a funny quote phrase.


  1. Print on Demand Wine Tumblers:

Sip your favorite beverages in personalized wine tumblers. Etsy's print on demand wine tumblers feature designs that reflect your taste and add a touch of elegance to your drinkware collection.


Example: "Personalized Name Wine Tumbler" - A chic wine tumbler engraved with your name, making it a wonderful gift for wine enthusiasts.


These 60 Types of products are barely scratching the surface of what you can Sell &  Buy on Etsy.

When you are planning your own shop, consider the type of product, or a range of similarly themed products.

Example:  You might love painting pots for pot plants – If you buy the basic pots from a hardware or garden store and then add your own beautiful paintings, designs, words etc to them, Etsy still regards them as handmade and they are perfect to sell on Etsy.

If you are going to add words such as the plant name or a person’s name – there is a personalization box you can activate on the Etsy Listing to take those details from the buyer.

Consider if all your products are going to be variations of the one item – eg 25 different painted pots?  Or can you add plant name signs painted to match?  And a Print on Demand Mug with your own drawing in a garden theme,  or a Print on Demand Apron with your drawing/painting and the buyers name on it.  (You can make a design on the computer, or photograph one of your paintings on a white background, then upload either to the Print on Demand suppliers)

Go beyond the physical items – add downloadable digital products such as a form for the customer to keep track of what plants have been planted & where & when and extra notes about that plant, etc – if you are a gardener think about what you would like to have – some of your customers would like that too!

Your Store has now changed from a “one item with variations store”, to a “good range gardening theme store”  where some of the visitors will purchase more than one item.  The extra types of items will also draw in more customers,  eg a customer may visit your store to see a mug and end up purchasing a set of hand painted pots, or both!

It’s also great having some items you make yourself – usually have a higher profit margin, combined with others that you just order for the customer (sometimes with less profit but much less work) which the printer makes for you and sends directly to the customer – you just place the order and that’s all you need to do.

The important thing is to get started, so list the ones you want to sell first, get comfortable with the Etsy process, and then consider how you can expand your range!

If you are planning to sell your photos on Posters or other Wall art, Mugs, Blankets etc,  I use and recommend Printful as the best print-on-demand company for quality of product and customer service.  Click here to have a look!


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