Hey there art enthusiasts! Wanna know the secret to capturing fantastic digital images of  your own paintings?

Whether you're a pro artist, or just a creative soul, we've got your back! Follow these 10 super-friendly steps, and you'll be selling your own stunning artworks like a boss!

What You'll Need:

  1. A cool digital camera or a high-res smartphone.
  2. Tripod (for rock-steady shots).
  3. Nice, soft lighting (natural light or some studio lights).
  4. Soft cloths or lens cleaners to keep it all shiny.
  5. A white balance card (fancy but optional).
  6. Photo editing magic (like Adobe Photoshop or a free one like GIMP).


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Find the Perfect Spot:

Look for a spot with good light and minimal distractions. Natural light rocks! Avoid harsh sunlight though – it messes with the colors.

  1. Get the Painting and Lens Sparkling:

Gently clean the painting surface to wipe away dust and smudges. Your camera lens needs a little love too!

  1. Set Up the Camera:

If your camera has manual mode (M), that's the sweet spot. For smartphones, go pro if you can. Pop your camera on a tripod for steady shots that aren't blurry.

  1. Pose the Painting:

Stick the artwork on a wall or easel, making sure it's straight and centered in the frame. Give some space around the edges for later edits.

         5. Tweak Camera Settings:

ISO: Go for the lowest ISO setting (like 100 or 200) to keep it noise-free.

Aperture: Pick a higher aperture (like f/8 to f/16) for a sharp painting with everything in focus.

Shutter Speed: Slow it down (like 1/30s or slower) to let more light in.

  1. Use a White Balance Card (Optional):

If you want the colors to be spot-on, grab a white balance card and set it up. It's like a color ninja!

  1. Light It Up (Optional):

If you've got studio lights, make them nice and soft. No harsh shadows or blinding glares, please!

  1. Focus and Shoot:

Set manual focus and lock in on the center of the artwork. No blurry mess! Use a remote or timer to avoid shaky shots.

  1. Take a Peek and Adjust:

Check out your masterpiece on the camera screen. Tweak the settings or reposition if needed.

  1. Show Some Post-Processing Love:

Get your pics on the computer and do some cool editing. Crop, brighten, and color-correct to match the real deal.

High-five, you did it! Now you've got awesome digital pics of paintings to share with the world. Share 'em on social media, create an art portfolio, or upload to Etsy as a Digital Download for your customers to print out for themselves - or better yet, upload to a Print On Demand Supplier and add them to Posters or Wall Art, T-Shirts, Mugs, Pillows, Blankets, Leggings, or any one of dozens of other products.


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Have fun and keep being artsy!