As an Etsy shop owner, collecting email addresses is an important part of your marketing strategy. Here are some ways to collect email addresses from your customers and potential customers:

  1. Offer a discount code: Offer a discount code in your item description in exchange for an email address. This will incentivize customers to provide their email addresses and will also encourage them to make a purchase. Ask the customers to message your Etsy Store with their email address in return for this discount voucher.
  2. You can list your website address & email address in the About Me section of your Etsy Store page – but do not directly encourage Etsy customers to leave the Etsy Site – Etsy will not like that.
  3. Include your business card with your website address and email address with your orders – and offer a discount or a freebie for joining the email list with that.
  4.  Promote your email list on every social media post: Promote your email list on your social media channels and encourage followers to subscribe for exclusive content and promotions.
  5. Host a webinar or workshop: Host a free webinar or workshop and require participants to provide their email addresses to register.   Just make it a YouTube tutorial - give the youtube link to email requests.
  6. Offer a free resource / lead magnet: Offer a free resource, such as a PDF guide or tutorial, in exchange for an email address when they send it by messaging you inside Etsy. ( ie “Message us with your email address for this Free Guide on how to ……..)
  7. Offer a ‘refer a friend’ for a discount for both of you for the next purchase with your order parcels.

Offering discounts in return for email addresses is a usual way to collect emails, but giveaways are an even better method as they can cost you less and are still a great way to attract new customers and show your appreciation to your existing ones. Here are 10 ideas for giveaways that you can use to promote your shop:

  1. Stickers with your shop’s logo or a design that represents your brand.
  2. Handwritten thank-you notes with every purchase (and ask them to join your email for special offers or products.
  3. Small samples of your products, such as a mini candle or soap bar  - with the request.
  4. Gift wrapping for their next order.
  5. A Free Birthday Card can be included with their next Gift order when they join.
  6. A free printable or digital download that complements your products. What email address can we send this too?
  7. A small handmade item, such as a keychain or bookmark which has your details.
  8. A reusable shopping bag with your shop’s logo & info with a cute design.
  9. A small packet of flower seeds that can be planted in a garden. (But these may not be able to be sent internationally)
  10. A fun and informative e-book, such as a recipe book or a guide to using your products can be sent free to their email address.

Remember that giveaways don't have to be expensive or elaborate to be effective. The most important thing is to show your customers that you appreciate their support and want to make their shopping experience with you as enjoyable as possible, and they are more likely to want to give the email address on request.

If you have found the information here helpful, you will find lots more detailed information, hints & methods in the Course - See Details Here.